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Christian Fennesz and OZMOTIC, after their acclaimed works “Air Effect” (2015) and “Liquid Times” (2016), are back with “SENZA|TEMPO”, a digital symphony on these suspended times and on the preservation of beauty despite everything.
SENZA|TEMPO highlights the concept of Time as the element that, having finally become an ally and not an opponent, must be legitimized and protected: through time, all the creative impulses settle until the work in its entirety is finally perceptible.
In a recent interview, Touch co-founder Wozencroft (publisher of both Fennesz and OZMOTIC) presenting their project “Touch: Isolation” (launched by the label during the lockdown) expressed the concept of “Time suspended for beauty, something about the hidden and its brilliance”, which perfectly defines the attitude that connects OZMOTIC, Fennesz and Touch: creating with the awareness of what you are doing, regardless of its public visibility, a sort of implementation of the saying “Let the beauty you love is what you do”.

Austrian guitarist, composer, and electronic musician Christian Fennesz is recognized as the key figure and one of the most distinctive voices of electronic music today. His wide international reputation has been consolidated through his substantial overall contribution to new musical expression.
His milestone third album Endless Summer (2001, Editions Mego) was acknowledged as one of the most important releases of the decade, helping to change the perception of electronic music today. 
He has recorded and performed with Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Sylvian, Keith Rowe, Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse, Mike Patton, and many others. Fennesz has also worked alongside Peter Rehberg and Jim O’Rourke as the improvisational trio Fenn O’Berg.

OZmotic is an instrumental and electronic music duo based in Turin (Italy) inspired by contemporary classical and ambient music, mixing soundscapes and concrete music with glitch, IDM, noise and jazz, to create a sonority characterized by a deep variety of timbres and refined rhythmic research.
Deeply fascinated by the dynamics of contemporary society, by architecture, cities and vast uncontaminated spaces, OZMOTIC creates world sounds characterized by an intense tonal variety and a refined rhythmic research.
In the past years OZMOTIC has collaborated with Christian Fennesz, Murcof and Senking. 
In 2018 his debut album “Elusive Balance” was released by Touch.

“AirEffect feels like an audio time capsule, though a somewhat mobile one which crosses the eras without regard for linearity. Where the Anthropocene black box comes from or is going isn’t entirely evident, though it often seems like as much a hook on which to hang the album’s narrative as a fully coherent part of the story. No matter – it’s a beguiling journey, one which works as much as audio theatre as it does as music, and is no less effective for that.”Freq