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Bruno Bavota is a young Italian composer and multi-instrumentalist with seemingly boundless potential, and an extraordinary gift for marrying the intellectual and emotional into earnest and profoundly effective songs. Though favorably compared in his early career to another Italian composer, the legendary Ludovico Einaudi, Bavota has found himself increasingly pursuing ways to distort and disturb traditional arrangements and melodies in pursuit of a more distinct resonance.

Armed with a plethora of outboard effects pedals and processors, Bavota manually manipulates his songs in real time as he performs – often with his bare hands engaged in a seesaw battle of construction against obstruction. It infuses a genuine sense of tension and forward momentum that makes his work extraordinarily poignant.

In the early months of 2020, when the COVID-19 outbreak ravaged his home country of Italy, prolific composer Bruno Bavota did what we all would eventually do: isolated and waited. What followed was a year of fear, anxiety, and dread. Eventually, fear gave way to fatigue, and the anxiety metamorphosized into nervous energy. The compulsion to create became more powerful than the compression and weight. And so were born Apartment Songs and Apartment Loops.

Representing two separate but intersecting paths of Bavota’s creative journey, Apartment Songs is a suite of sparse solo acoustic piano works, while Apartment Loops are expansive explorations for synthesizers and outboard effects processors. Though in theory the two sets should sound disconnected and unrelated – given their disparate creative approaches and instrumentation – it’s Bavota’s uncanny sense of melody and space that easily unites them as two halves of a singular vision.

Bruno Bavota is also available in duo with Chantal Acda (new album “A Closer Distance” on Temporary Residence LTD.).

“Bruno Bavota is an immensely talented composer whose music is very deeply felt, and the art he creates is vital in this age of uncertainty.” – PopMatters

“Though in theory the two sets should sound disconnected and unrelated – given their disparate creative approaches and instrumentation – it’s Bruno’s sense of melody and space that unites them: obverse and reverse, recto and verso.”– Backseat Mafia

“When immersed in the crisis, it was hard to discern the quality of releases that reflected current emotions. But now, these songs carry an even deeper resonance: time capsules exquisite in their poignancy.” – A Closer Listen

“Combining Basinskian droning with the skittering electronic-ambient touch of modern classical peer Nils Frahm, the six-minute single is an entrancing number fit for a future climactic Safdie brothers scene.” – FLOOD Magazine