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Benoît Pioulard is the primary audiovisual project of Michigan-born, Brooklyn-based Thomas Meluch.  With six LPs on the renowned kranky imprint, as well as a catalog of works for Universal (UK), Morr Music (DE) and others, he has constructed a unique aesthetic steeped in the textures of analog decay and pop song structure using chiefly guitar, piano and tape processing.  He has also built an extensive archive of Polaroid photographs (many of which grace his album covers), the first official collection of which is the hardcover book “Sylva”, released in 2019.  For live performances Meluch constructs towering loops, seamlessly weaving in gentle guitar-and-voice songs for hypnotic, unbroken sets typically backdropped by film work from like-minded visual artists.

“all haunted mirrors and nearly forgotten memories, constructed at the very point where those things feel like they’re about to permanently slip into oblivion” -Pitchfork

“If John Cage was still around today, he would have loved this latest release, Sylva” – Treblezine