An Ambient Evening with Alex Paterson & Roger Eno

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Long time friends and collaborators The Orb’s Alex Paterson and Roger Eno present a very special performance dedicated to ambient music.

The Orb’s frontman Dr. Alex Paterson‘s formula is quite simple: he slowed down the rhythms of classic Chicago house and added synthwork and effects inspired by ’70s ambient pioneers Brian Eno and Tangerine Dream. To make the whole a bit more listenable — as opposed to danceable — obscure vocal samples were looped, usually providing a theme for tracks which lacked singing. Paterson’s ambient sets incorporated a wide array of samples and sound effects, ranging from BBC nature recordings to NASA space broadcasts and special effects. With those samples mixed underneath the music of ambient pioneers such as Eno and Steve Hillage, his sets became popular alternatives for dancefloor victims and worn-out club kids.

A natural multi-instrumentalist, Roger Eno is fascinated by sound, stories and landscapes; the legacy of his unique upbringing with his Flemish mother and formative years with a celebrated brother, and also by the nature of the Suffolk countryside he was born into. In 1983, his brother Brian invited him to take part in a collaborative project which also included Daniel Lanois. The recording took place in a fabulous old industrial town in Canada. Finally, the album Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks was born. This album would accompany a multi-award winning Al Reinert film called ʻFor All Mankindʼ. This other-worldly experience in 1983 was also Rogerʼs first professional recording. Roger was signed to EG Records and produced two albums, Voices and Between Tides, reinforcing comparisons made with Satie and Debussy, but defying further categorisation. This continues through solo forays into uncharted territory and interesting collaborations. Among the collaborations he has enjoyed are The Appointed Hour with Peter Hammill, Damage with Lol Hammond and 2004ʼs exquisite and other-worldly Opening Doors album with Remote partner Miro. He has also guested on albums including those by Tim Bowness, No-Man and Laraaji. Never short of an ear for an interesting musical style or two in which to experiment, Roger has also produced the folky ʻSwimmingʼ album, introducing accordions and harmonium and then his faux-classical album ʻMusic of Neglected English Composersʼ.  Roger has scored several films, including Dune, Nine and a Half Weeks, Trainspotting, Dario Argento’s Opera and Warm Summer Rain, as well as scoring a popular series of 1993 Guinness commercials. He also writes for theatre, most memorably for Trevor Nunn’s NT production, Harold Pinter’s Betrayal. Roger continues to perform occasionally, create audio-scapes and composes and plays every day.

Roger Eno has contributed to The Orb lasts 2 album ‘No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds’ and ‘Abolition Of The Royal Familia’.