“Who is prepared to take arms against a sea of amusements?”

– Neil Postman


Folk Wisdom is a Berlin-based booking agency and record label born in 2014.
Before moving to Berlin, we have worked in Italy since 2003 as promoters, agents, festival curators and label managers.
During all these years we have had the privilege of collaborating with numerous artists we love and respect and with professional, passionate and open-minded promoters and festival curators.
Our research mainly aims at the discovery of innovative use of traditional, classical and modern musical instruments; creative mixtures of acoustic, electric and digital sources; and unconventional reworking of popular musical forms.  Our privileged points of reference are Kosmische Musik, ambient, post-rock and fourth world music.
Our logo takes inspiration from Nicholas Roerich’s painting “and we do not fear”, part of the wonderful Sancta Series, representing two monks traveling in lonely and mysterious lands, but serenely, driven by the pleasure of their mission.


Davide Rufini
Strassmannstrasse 6
10249 Berlin, Germany
Steuernummer 14/500/02215
VAT id. DE300654726

Office: Eldenaer Strasse 21, 10247 Berlin, Germany


We are looking for a booking agent. Contact elisa(@)folkwisdom.net if interested.